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The Goddess Pack!

The Goddess Pack!

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$345.60Sale Price

  • Panacée Cream: In Greek mythology, a panacea (Greek Πανάκεια, Panakeia), is a healing herbal complex rumoured to cure all ailments. The ancient Greeks personified this herbal complex as the goddess Panacea, who symbolizes the power of healing through herbs.Full of exceptional active ingredients that work synergistically to fight all visible signs of skin ageing effectively.
    Phyt's Panacea treatment cream significantly reduces wrinkles, smoothes features, firms the skin, limits oxidative stress and reduces pigmentary irregularities.
    Intensely nourished, the skin is regenerated and infinitely luminous. Vegan Formulation- Adenosine: anti-ageing
    - Aloe vera: hydrating, soothing
    - Acmella: smoothing, anti-wrinkles
    - Brown seaweed: firming
    - Edelweiss: anti-ageing, antioxidant

  • Panacée Eye Contour Cream: formulated to correct the most visible tell-tale signs of aging in the delicate eye contour area: fatigue, wrinkles, sagging and dehydration.This is a formula, enriched with Annurca Apple extract, that will restore radiance to the eye contour.
    A precious concentrate of active milk proteins helps create a tensor film on the surface of the skin for an immediate lifting effect.
    This eye contour treatment is a perfect companion to the Panacée treatment cream, but just as fabulous as a stand-alone lifting and wrinkle eraser in that specific area of your face.- Annurca apple: anti-puffiness, anti-dark circles
    - Bees wax: nourishing, protecting
    - Acmella: smoothing, anti-wrinkles
    - Edelweiss: anti-ageing, antioxidant
    - Rye: firming, anti-wrinkles

These products can be bought individually on Phyt's Aromalliance & Panacée page
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