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Wow factor, Rejuvenating Pack!

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$308.80Sale Price

  • Fluide Contour: if your quest is to stop the messy look of lipstick bleeding in the wrinkles above your lips, the first and most obvious step is to reduce the depth and size of these fine but often deep wrinkles.
    Phyt's Fluide Contour is a light but powerful fluid formula, designed to visibly smooth and reduces fine lines and wrinkles around the lips and eyes contour. Watch your lipstick stay where it needs to stay and your eye contour visibly tensed and rejuvenated. A powerful combination with Serum Multi Vita when used around the eyes.

    - Rosemary: toning, rejuvenating, antioxidant
    - Thyme: regenerating
    - Silica: anti-wrinkles, smoothing
    - Lemon: brightening, toning

  • Absolue Cream: a treatment cream that has, like you could guess by its name, absolutely everything a mature skin needs and has had a cult following in Europe for 50 years now.
    Real rejuvenating treatment, it visibly reduces wrinkles, smooths facial features, nourishes and firms the skin. Can be used day & night. Vegan formulation.

    - Cypress: firming and toning
    - Lavender: soothing, purifying
    - Clove: toning, stimulating
    - Lemon: brightening, toning

  • Multi Vita Serum: a cocktail of multivitamins active compounds including Phyt's patented Cévéblé complex that mimic natural ceramides. This serum has an immediate tensing action on the skin for a youthful looking skin. A fabulous serum for mature skin but also fabulous for bridal or celebrations of any kind, if you want that WOW factor. Vegan formulation.

    - Carrot: stimulates cell renewal
    - Cévéblé: tensing, anti-free radicals
    - Gentian: toning, brightening
    - Lemon: brightening, toning
    - Lavender: soothing, purifying

These products can be bought individually on Phyt's Aromalliance & Panacée page
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